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posted by on May 10th, 2008

When it comes to selecting music for your ceremony, there are no rules, but there are a few traditions.
Traditionally, couples choose different pieces for:

  • Candle Lighting
  • Seating of the Mothers & Grandmothers
  • Bridal Party Procession
  • Bridal Procession
  • Unity Candle
  • Taking of First Communion

However, you may want to be unconventional. Simply choose one piece which is played throughout the processional. Consider how many people are involved in your procession; one or two songs works best for a small party. Changing songs frequently might interrupt the mood, but brides should highlight their entrance with a specially-chosen piece. No matter how many songs, choose pieces that tonally and emotionally complement one another. You want to keep your guests focused on the atmosphere you have created.

Bridal Entrance Procession

The Bridal Entrance & Procession

An emotional and memorable piece should welcome you, the bride, into the ceremony. At this turning point in the ceremony, the crowd will rise and turn toward you, so your entrance music should also make them change focus. This piece should best represent you as an individual; more than any other song, this should be a piece that means a great deal to you. Whether it’s the traditional “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn or, even better, a contemporary piece by Coldplay, U2 or John Mayer, make sure you spend plenty of time considering it.

The lighting of the unity candle, the signing of the marriage license, or the taking of first communion is often accompanied by special music, many times graced by a soloist. In general, this is a time of reflection and intimacy. An ardent, personal piece is quite appropriate.

A bright and fast recessional will help you celebrate your new life together. This song is the first memory your guests and you will associate with your marriage, so it should illustrate something about you as a couple. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose an upbeat, popular song; this is the beginning of your future together, so enjoy it!

Traditional Recommendations

A classical approach is both elegant and trustworthy. Many couples and guests consider traditional composers like Pachelbel, Bach and Vivaldi quintessential wedding music. Whether you’d like “Canon in D” or “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” the Denver String Quartet can confidently provide traditional, graceful accompaniment to your wedding day. While these are traditional suggestions, it is your day; do not worry about etiquette. Do what you want!

Modern Recommendations

Various couples want something contemporary and unique in their service. More and more, couples choose classical arrangements of rock and pop songs like Coldplay, Enya, and even the Beatles. Music writer and violinist, Andrew Ackerman can create a special arrangement just for you, or you can choose from his previously-arranged pieces. Choose from a variety of bands and artists. See the music page for a full list.

The Denver String Quartet demo CD contains samples of popular wedding music. Use the playlist to mark specific songs and take notes.

Your music concierge will help you select the perfect music for your special day, so contact him today to order a demo CD!


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